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Make a Coonskin Cap
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The Mountain Men: Pathfinders of the West 1810-1960

The Coonskin Cap Fad of the 1950s An excellent Resource!

NativeTech: Pre-smoking Method of Brain Tanning!

NativeTech: Preserving a Hide with the Fur On

NativeTech: Brain Tanning Less Instruction With More Results

NativeTech: Overview of Footwear; Moccasins

NativeTech: Instructions for One-piece, Soft-sole, Center-seam Moccasins

How to make a buckskin shirt

How to Brain Tan a Hide! Natural Tanning & Leather Resources

David Crockett

How to tan your own Deer Skin

How to Brain Tan Deer and Elk Skins

Secwepemc Nation: Tanning Hides

Manataka American Indian Council: Deer Hide Tanning

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