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About CoonskinCap.com

This website will contain information about the Mountain Man era and will include directions and links to places that will help you make everything from a coonskin hats to moccasins to cover your feet and most things between! I purchased this domain after considerable frustration finding some of the information this website contains and I will be glad to host related information if anybody has anything to share!

 Instant Searches for Tanned Furs!

I get several e-mails a month asking if I have tanned furs for sale (which I do not) and like everyone that visits here I am also always looking for something new and interesting. I have added this simple page to allow for instant searching of eBAY to help you find a tanned hide for your own project! If I should add anything to the searches, please let me know!

Forums at CoonskinCap.com!

I have added new forums to this website in an attempt to allow anybody that is interested in joining the website to have a place to call home. I am still in the process of setting things up but I want to get a link up for those that want a place to chat!

How to make a REAL Coonskin Cap

This page will give you full directions on how to make a Raccoon or more commonly called Coonskin cap. The descriptions on this page can be used to create a fox, coyote, skunk, or any other similar hat. To make your coon or other fur cap, you will need a large skin that is free of bald spots and blemishes. The tail should be well marked and full. If you have a large head, it may be tough to find a single animal hide big enough for the job. If that's the case, these directions will help you use two skins to create your cap.

Coonskin Caps and other fun projects for kids

Everybody knows kids love Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone and the old frontier days! This page contains a collection of related projects that can be done by younger children. The projects include making a Coonskin Cap, Rifle, Shot Pouch, Powder Horn, Hunting Knife, Sheath, Splint Broom, Hornbook, Quill Pen, Trencher, and Dyes. These projects were compiled by Daniel R. Mott for use as Cub Scout projects but these also make a great home project as well!

Related Books

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Please see my related books page for books on skinning and tanning skins and furs.

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